Dinghy Vehicle Towing

If you are planning on pulling your favorite vehicle behind your motorhome, we have the parts and experience you need. We carry tow bars, base plates, lube pumps, driveshaft disconnects and numerous braking systems to hook up your towed vehicle correctly. If it is tow-able, we can do it. Planning on doing the installation yourself? Give our parts department a call to get all the parts and advice you will need.

Blue Ox manufactures everything you need to tow your vehicle behind your motorhome, including tow bars, base plates and braking systems.

Remco offers several unique solutions to allow you to flat tow your automatic transmission vehicle behind your motorhome.

SMI offers several barking solutions for your towed vehicle.

Brake Buddy is the most widely recognized braking system on the market.

M&G Engineering offers a unique brake system for use on your towed vehicle and air brake equipped motorhome.

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