Light & Medium Duty Trailer

We service all types of light & medium duty trailer suspensions and brakes. Whether you have a utility, boat, holiday, or bobcat trailer, we have the parts and expertise to repair it right. If you’re building a trailer we stock everything you could need, including couplers, fenders, jacks, axles, suspensions and more.

Our parts counter stocks thousands of trailer springs, and the related hardware. If your trailer requires brakes, drum brakes, disk brakes, electric brakes, hydraulic brakes, or electric/hydraulic brakes, we most likely have the parts in stock.

We’re pleased to offer axle service and supplies as well – our axle division makes axles from 600lbs through 20,000lbs, and we can also align trailer axles, both traditional spring type and rubber torsion axles.

Quality replacement leaf springs, u-bolts and all the required hardware for light duty suspension repair.

Dexter is the #1 supplier in North America of trailer axles, brakes, drums and related products.

Posiflex is a premium rubber torsion axle with a splinted spindle to allow for ride height adjustment.

Atwood is known for their trailer couplers, surge couplers, jacks and other components.

Binkley trailer hitch products.

Cequent is the parent company of Bulldog, Fulton and Tekonsha towing product.

If you're building a trailer, Buyers supplies a full line of useful products as well as hitch components.

We carry a good selection of Alko axles, brake drums and backing plate assemblies for all types axles.

Mor/ryde is a premium equalizer assembly used on light trailers to smooth road shock and impact.

Kodiak disk brakes are found on various types of boat trailers, stock trailers and light industrial trailers.

UFP (Unique Functional Products) are a popular disk brake system found on many boat trailers.

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